This is  Steve's testimony  


this is the very short verse...I'm 34 ,I came to know Christ in 91 ,i was  living  a very typical bohemian lifestyle ,tune in turn on, drop out. ha,ha, I was playing in a band trying to get on college radio ,working full time, married a few years with  a one year old daughter. and last but not lest a hiking freak .I was doing  everthing i wanted to do a total 'free spirit' i thought .BUT I WAS WRONG.  I had been battling with server depression since my teens. to would come and go .and come back worse and worse . to the point where i'd loss myself in a blur of substances and music .until at was no help what so ever . All the while looking everywhere but to  
Jesus .  
I  searched for anwsers in  shamanism,buddism, pretty much every kind of "ism".new age teachings of all kinds.and then one day i was looking through my bookshelf  and came across  a bible that my unoin  had given me two years earlier when my father had past  on. Well , i  know right away that  
I asked Him to come into my life ,to set me free . and "praise the lord" i was deliver from all the crab that had huanted me for years.. i stayed with the lord for 2 years then slide back in to the world and back and forth for a couple for years . so, sometime in 95  i started getting a  constent thought that i'm going to start a Chritian hiking ,backpacking ,club ,fellowship . 
hence Higher Ground

This is  Mike's testimony


Hi! My name is Mike. It seems like it was a long time ago when Steve and I were talking and He told me that if I pray and ask Jesus to forgive me of all my sins, he will. I also asked If he'd save me and that I would be given the Holy Spirit. When I heard this I just knew it was true. I'd been to church as a kid and had never received this message. I went home and that night prayed and felt the Holy Spirit come into me. I felt the power, I never felt anything like it. That was about eight years ago. Since then my life has been slowly changing to more of what God would have it be. I feel it's a blessing from God to be a part of this outdoor program. I hope you will join us.